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James H. Davis, a graduate of Texas A&M with a BBA in Management in 1983, had a vision to make searching land and deed based records easier. With 25 years of experience, James started on a quest and in October 1998, he put everything he knew about land and deed based records into titleX.com™.

With over 10 years of providing courthouse documents online, titleX.com™ has become the leader in on-line research and document delivery to landmen, real estate professionals, surveyors, attorneys, private investigators, genealogists, and the general public. Our system allows users to search land-based records with speed, efficiency, and cost effectiveness setting a new standard for records research.

On a daily basis we retrieve and compile county public records to update our ever-growing database. We currently serve over 65 million images in more than 100 counties online. This makes titleX.com™ a powerful and constantly expanding resource. Due to the fact that county title records are added daily, the Available Counties page is updated on a daily basis.

Need help separating out cost by operator? Then check out LAVA 3.0! OGInfo.com and titleX.com™ provide seamless research and document delivery to the landman. This strategic partnership combines powerful components that enable you and your team to search county public records, map client-driven data, track competitive leases, and generate lessor documents online.

Our content is gathered from the County Clerk Offices. If the county public records are not digital, we partner with a digital title company in that county to retrieve the content and make it available online. We refer to these title plants as our Content Providers. If you would like more information on becoming a content provider please contact us!

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